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Becoming a TekLeague Agent at home gives you the opportunity to use your skills and experience to help others whilst earning money on a very flexible basis.

The role involves assisting various customers on a day to day basis with their technical needs, including everything from navigating the web and setting up a home network to programming an app. We pay per job completion for the work you do.

There may also be an opportunity to use other skills you might have such as marketing, blogging, social media or content creation.

Working as a Tek League Agent is fun and can fit nicely into your lifestyle and other commitments, such as raising children or caring for a relative.

What we offer

 Flexible work that fits around your life
 Interesting, variety packed work, take only the jobs you can handle.
 Pay of $10 - 15 per Job with no limit to the number of jobs you can complete in a day, Work as much or as little as you like
 Work from home
 Chance to use your IT Skills

 Apply to become a TekLeague Agent

Some of the typical tasks you'll be asked to do

Software Install(s), Upgrade(s), and Removal Hardware Install(s), Upgrade(s), and RemovalSoftware and Hardware Consultations
Virus, Spyware, and Malware Removal
PC Usage Training
Work from home
Services can be requested/performed remotely or onsite
Phone/PDA Support
Data recovery (non-hardware failures)

Equipment you'll need to provide Support

 A PC or Mac
 An internet connection
 External HDD (For Backup)
 A printer

What we'll need from you

 Availability during the working week (Mon-Sun)
 Anytime Available 
 Able to work at least five hours per week
 At least 2-3 years commercial experience
 Good English skills
 Good organizational skills
 A reasonable home office set up / quiet area to work


 Apply to become a TekLeague Agent 

Why work with us?

As one of the world's most competitive IT service Providers , we bring years of experience and knowledge as well as competitive pay and work flexibility.

Remote Support

Software Installs/Configuration(s) or using a program, (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop - Live Messenger; just about any software you might use

Assistance with using your web browser and the internet, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, or how to search Google

Email Client Configuration (e.g. Outlook Express, Thunderbird)

How to operate your computer

A function on your computer is failing, and you don't know what the problem is. We can try to identify and fix the issue for you.


Help you work from home

How To Get Computer Help

Internet Connectivity

Create a Service Request with us or Call and an agent will guide you through the process.

If you create a service Request for remote support, please provide a detailed description of your requirements in the ticket.  Please include as much detail as possible, including the name of any software involved.

We will get back to you ASAP.

Is It Safe?

Yes. The program we provide will only allow connections from our systems, so you are safe from unwanted access.  The program does not need to be installed, and will only open access to your computer when it is visibly running.

What Will It Cost Me?

This support is included with your TekLeague Membership or $49.99 per incident.


Book an appointment with TekLeague, LLC using SetMore


For any questions please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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