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What Kind of Services do we provide?

We are a Pre-Paid Full IT Service and Community. 

Software Install(s), Upgrade(s), and Removal

Hardware Install(s), Upgrade(s), and Removal

Software and Hardware Consultations

Virus, Spyware, and Malware Removal

Training - Check our Forum and you can even request an instructional video

Services can be requested/performed remotely or onsite

Phone/PDA Support

*** Some data recovery

*** Non-Hardware failures, and currently only FAT/NTFS is supported

If you work offsite we’ll work with your companies IT to help get you set up and in some cases support the software they can’t/wont.

We push the buttons you’re not sure you want to press, and touch the hardware you’re not sure how to handle

We will be your peace of mind 

How Does it Work?

You choose your IT membership package Prime, Plus, or Champion, which can be used on your device, a friends device, another family members device, or even your neighbors device.

Prime - Allows one onsite visit and one remote session or training

Plus - Allows one onsite visit and two remote session(s) or training

Champion - Allows up to four onsite visit(s) or four remote session(s) or training

What makes us Different from the competition?

We are the kind of guys that make anything work, we are nerds, and you decide when the job is done!

Since we are also a community our technicians can be rated by you. You can view their bio, experience level, and customer satisfaction scores.

Your opinion matters so what are you waiting for Subscribe Today!

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